"If you are a writer or an artist looking for astrological insight into your work, I cannot recommend Òscar Moisés Díaz's readings highly enough. Drawing upon their extensive knowledge of astrology, literature, and art, they bring a highly intuitive and poetic approach to their practice. During my reading, they succinctly broke down different astrological aspects through metaphor and imagery, which gave me a whole new understanding of parts of my chart that I'd been struggling with. They were even able to pick up on some of my artistic influences without me even mentioning them prior to the reading. A month later, I am still going back to my notes from the reading & finding new angles to work into my writing routine. Attentive & lyrical, Díaz is a true poet's astrologer."
-Alex Jane Cope: Poet

“My Parans Stars session with @cielosueloastro was, in essence, a stream of revelation and awe at the universe’s complexity incarnate.Oscar has this effortless ability to weave seemingly disparate forms of expression—poetry, film, philosophy—into a cohesive spiderweb, glistening and reflecting the beauty of the simultaneous granular and grand. Oscar’s session, too, reflected the stars as an invitation. Their generosity of presence and excitement about how the stars constellate in my life was so palpable that I became more excited and curious about what life has in store for me, what I will cultivate in this lifetime.As someone who has struggled with nihilist thinking for the majority of my life, the world truly feels more open, more whole, more visceral, more real. I highly recommend Oscar’s session to anyone curious about the stars in their life.” -AL, hellenistic astro student

“My reading with Òscar was regenerative and provided a lot of clarity around some of the questions I had about the way I foster intimate relationships with others. Before the reading, Òscar wanted to get to know more about what I wanted to get out of the reading, so the preliminary form helped me to organize my questions and expectations about the reading, which enabled me to meet Òscar halfway during the day of the reading. During the reading, Òscar and I had a nice back and forth dialogue about what he saw in my chart(s) and some other questions I had, which proved to cultivate a safe and caring space to engage in an otherwise sensitive conversation. I am so happy I reached out to Òscar about the reading because I left the session with a sense of clarity and peace.”
-Abdiel Lopez: Independent Curator

“Working through my chart with Moisés reminded me of those quiet moments when you feel your intuition settle into certainty. It was comforting to put my birth time in the hands of someone who could help me navigate through the astrological flotsam clogging up social media and really process the foundational elements of my chart in an accessible, conversational format. If you’re looking to expand your understanding of yourself and astrology outside the confines of a Co-Star table, Moisés is a perfect guide to the expanse of the fixed stars and beyond."
-Patrick Mullen-Coyoy: Poet 

“I just had a reading with Moisés and it left me empowered and more aware of my inner nature. Perfect blend of natal+visual astrology!! They incoporate film, lit, and art references fitting to your own cosmic journey! Highly recommended for artists, poets and people who hate institutions!”
-Brianna Perry: Studio Art & Black Studies Double Major

“Òscar Moisés Díaz’s Star Parans is a must-have consultation for all practicing astrologers and astrology enthusiasts to understand and illuminate the skies and the stories behind them. Through my reading, I was affirmed as the artist, star, and warrior-prophet that I am and gained so many poetic-filmic references who I understand as my artistic heritage and cohort.”
-Emilia Wang, Astrologer: Tarot Reader, Musician and Artist 

"It was an honor to have my chart read by Òscar, who has cultivated an immensely caring, generous, and insightful practice. Òscar synthesizes ancient and modern techniques, offers an expansive and kinetic approach as a visual astrologer, and pulls from a deep well of poetic and artistic knowledge. They immediately picked up on patterns I've been working through for a long time and gave me an amazing list of texts that engage the energies present in my chart. Our reading was a bright light in a nebulous time, leaving me with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose; all my gratitude, I can't recommend them enough!"
-Rosalee Bernabe: Artist 

“ Oscar is an incredibly talented, knowing, and fun presence who will overflow with poetic insights into your chart. I really liked being able to visualize my chart with a sky map and I feel like it helped me make connections between past and present, futures, and where works of art live in our minds. I appreciated being able to think through my chart socially, knowing that we change with the world. The way Oscar reads birth charts is reflective of how dynamic people’s personalities really are. The whole experience felt very three dimensional, and I will be following the fixed stars, filmmakers, and books we talked about.”
-Sophia Hussain: Writer, Events Coordinator/Project Manager at Berkeley Center for New Media, Former Programs Coordinator for the Asian American Writer’s Workshop in NYC, Former Verso Books Publicist

“I’m grateful @cielosueloastro is a growing voice in astrology, about fixed star parans, to be sure — and also as someone who has a hellenistic foundation and is a natural archetypal thinker “Thinking like an astrologer” is more than technical; it’s an openness to the symbolic.”
-tweet from Drew Levanti, Practicing Astrologer

“So grateful that I treated myself to a parans reading with @cielosueloastro yesterday. Oscar has such a remarkable gift for interpreting the stars and storytelling. Still absorbing it all. I feel so seen, and so lucky to have been born under such beautiful + powerful stars!”
-tweet from Catherine Urban, Practicing Astrologer

“I consulted Òscar Moisés Díaz about my Saturn Return. Òscar was incredibly informative and generous, sourcing a range of metaphors, stories, and images to patiently communicate their observations to me in a way that felt both accessible and full of possibility. "They sky is always moving," they assured me. I left our session with a new interpretation of previously overlooked aspects of my natal chart and an introduction to a handful of stars that support me in my purpose.”
- Chanelle Adams: doctoral student of geography, essayist, translator

“Wow. A word that cannot accurately encapsulate the feelings that I feel both pre and post session. Yet I find my soul tugging for the right words to describe how incredible this session was for me. So wow is the current consensus. It was by far the most adventurous session that I have ever received. I can tell that Oscar puts in sooo much energy and effort into each of his sessions as he carefully crafts the right stories to tell his clients via the fixed stars and natal chart. I’m relatively new to fixed star jargon but Oscar was patient with me and was delighted to explain the concepts that were hard for me to grasp. It’s time like these where I highly regard Jupiter-ruled Mercury’s way of delineating because my brain can get overwhelmed with the complex and appreciates the nuance that comes through delicate storytelling and beautiful expressive language. The way in which Oscar breathes life into the fixed stars is truly a wonder to experience. It was very that- an experience. It was as if I were living in the story that we were both weaving but of course Oscar is the narrator and translator. Eloquent in thought but academically rigorous in detail and delivery. Oscar has this unique way of divining and speaking on behalf of the fixed stars that leaves you captivated and wanting more. I found myself feeling just that- wanting more. So I simply and truthfully cannot wait until the next time where we can once again weave another story, another poem, another experience through the brilliance that is the fixed stars. Please book with Oscar, I 100% guarantee that you will not regret it. Every minute and every dollar is worth this once in a lifetime experience.”-Aqua Jun Sing, Practicing Astrologer  

“I got a Star Parans reading from @cielosueloastro yesterday and I’m still reeling/marveling about some of the things they told me. I’m also astounded at how many creative resources Oscar brought into the reading that felt so relevant, but also as their own meditation pieces!  Fixed stars have me truly feeling so numinous— they feel like they both affirmed themes that seem to repeat throughout my chart as well as brought additional nuance that speaks directly to driving forces for me that I’ve never consciously understood.  @cielosueloastro is really skillful in delineating as well as SUCH a wealth of information that they bring to the consult! 10/10 recommend getting a reading from them if you wanna learn about yours from someone who can dexterously mediate between the realm of the ancients & ours!”- Goldin, Tweet review