The name of this astrology session is inspired by the seminal text by Roland Barthes, What does this entail?
We'll sit for an hour and a half with the planets of love which are Venus, the Moon, and Jupiter along with the various Lots of Love and find the Master of Romantic Harmony in your birth chart to have a deep convo about what you are into, where to look for romance and find some hot spots through timing. The second and longer part of the session is a space where we also talk synastry (compatibility) etc. You bring the charts of your exes, your crushes, and your partners and we will get into the complex medieval methods of synastry. It is MAINLY a hardcore synastry session so make sure you have complete birth details for any other charts. We can fit in three charts per session with your own. If you just want a focus on love without the synastry, I would go with a regular birth chart session and note the interest in the intake form. This session is great for anyone who wants to re-zhuzh their relationship to sex+pleasure+luv and get closer to figuring out what you even like/want. It's great for people who want to talk about how they relate to others. We will chat via email and custom-build this around your needs and desires. The testimonial below really puts into words what this session is about better than I can.
*This is not a workshop or class. It’s full on astrology. 
Here are two testimonials (more coming soon):
“Oscar's "lover's discourse" reading is such a breath of fresh air in the realm of synastry/astrology services. So often our focus is on how the planets affect us, and what they can do for us. Oscar's use of medieval islamicate synastry to see how we affect others, and how they might affect us, is incredibly illuminating and encourages thoughtful connection. They wield these synastry techniques deftly and precisely to deliver a reading that feels so incredibly fun. The reading has also given me so many nuggets of wisdom: what kind of placements might make for a more meaningful partnership, how I might unknowingly come across to partners, and moments of time to use to my advantage. Highly, highly recommend to anyone wanting to understand why certain relationships were the way that they were, and to better understand our impact within romantic relationships.”
-Rafin S. 

“As an astrologer, Óscar is a master at weaving technical expertise with insightful storytelling and their Lover's Discourse reading is no exception. We talked about qualities I could look for in a committed partnership, what could bring more romance into my life, and an incredibly detailed timing forecast as well! Óscar's approach to astrology is so holistic; every time they make a statement about something, they back it up by demonstrating at least three different techniques they've used to reflect that conclusion. From rooting these techniques to my natal chart, solar returns, firdaria periods and more, this reading felt incredibly grounded because it considered love within the overall context of my life - not just as a standalone thing. Also, it was also really cool to see all these newly revived medieval Islamicate astro techniques in action (hello Master of Romantic Harmony!). 100% recommended and I can't wait for more people to discover more about their love lives with Óscar's guidance. You're in for a treat “-Grace L.