“I still feel like the world is a piece of bread, I’m holding out half to you.”-Eileen Myles ♐︎ Sun

ALERT: I am currently fully booked for June. I have made the very hard decision to take the entire month of July off in order to recharge because I’m burnt out. Thank you so much for wanting to have me as your astrologer. I would love to collaborate with you at another time soon. Please check back in the last week of July around the 25th for an update on this page about availability. I might be taking off August as well, just depends on how I feel emotionally, but for now only this one month hiatus during July I can confirm. #SaturnReturnInThe12th 

If you urgently need an astrologer here is a small imcomplete list of some wonderful and trusted colleauges of mine with whom you might vibe with (click their names):
Emmalea Russo
E.Y Washington
Blaze Maximus 
Zacchary Powell
Catherine Urban
Chloe Margherita (now also offers fixed star consults and we learned from the same teacher)

To start the process to book a session with me please copy and paste this short intake questionnaire below into the body of an email, fill it out and send it my way at cielosueloastrology@gmail.com. 

All sessions happen over zoom and so you will recieve a recording of our time together for you to keep. I want to mention I work with WHOLE SIGN system of House Division and the softwares I use are Solar Fire and Starlight. Also if you need a payment plan, please email me and I’m sure we can work something out. 

For all readings, there is a 24-hour cancellation policy after initial booking. NO refunds may be granted after that period. 
no-shows are non-refundable due to the preparation and calculations involved.

Rescheduling is fine as long as you give atleast 24 hours notice. In very extreme cases then maybe a few hours notice. Rescheduling will depend on my calendar and the nearest available slots I have open. This could mean you would wait a month or two since I am very busy. 

This intake form will help guide me in prepping for our session to set us up for something fun, deep and generative:

1)What is your name and what are your pronouns?

2)Which type of session did you wish to book?

3)Describe your current relationship with astrology. From being totally new to astrology to knowing a bit about signs or houses or aspects? Have you had a reading before? If so, name the astrologer.

4)What's happening? Is there anything in particular that makes you want to seek out a session? What are some specific topics/areas in your life that you would want to discuss? the more specific the better. If you are a returning client, tell me what you wanna focus on in our 60 minute follow up. 

5)Do you have an accurate birth time? The closer we can get to the half-hour the better. Write out the Month/Day/Year (I.E march, 14th, 1994) along with the location where you were born City/Province/State, Country and the time of birth with AM or PM indicated. 

6)What is the source of your birth time? e.g. birth certificate, hospital record, diary entry, memory recall, stories from childhood, etc.

7)How did you hear about me/Are you a return client?

8) I take Venmo, Cashapp and Paypal. Which of these would you be using for payment?  

9) In the future, I plan to have a newsletter that will be sent out infrequently to announce new things like my podcast and special deals and just musings on the sky etc. You can maybe expect an email like this every couple of months.Can I add your email to such list?