Celestial Studio Visit

This is one of my favorite ways to work with folks. You bring a selection of 5-10 poems, or samples of your film/audio/music project, or show me the artwork you are working on and we lovingly sit together with your birth chart/sky map and we relate it to each other. This will give you a celestial language to go along with your artistic language. You will gain insights based on your astrology about your creativity. I am here to expand your artistic toolbox with astrology basically. If you are in a current state of stasis in your practice, this offering is perfect to get you unjammed and get those creative juices flowing once again. We’ll talk about your intentions for your work, where you want it to go and build creative strategies together. The second component is that I will build a Celestial Library for you. This will be in the form of a PDF where I will give  you a custom list of poetry/film/music recommendations tailored exclusively to our session and your chart in as a follow-up. This session really brings out everything in my toolbox. 

1 hr and 30 min sessions are $170.

A bit more about my background in the arts:
I’ve exhibited art in places such as the 10th Central American Biennial, The International Film Festival of El Salvador, The Queens Museum, The Museum of Art El Salvador, and have had a solo exhibit at The Museum of Contemporary Art Costa Rica. I’m one of the inaugural Curatorial Fellows at the Poetry Project, NYC. I am a member of Tierra Narrative collective and a contributing poetry editor at Asphalte Magazine. I’m a poet and some of my recent poems can be found in A Gathering Of the Tribes (online), Schlag Magazine and Screen Door Review. I’ve been a guest critic at multiple art schools working with undergrad-grad students. I’ve taught poetry/reading workshops. I mostly curate film programs nowadays, but use to curate art exhibitions. In general I’ve retired for now from making visual work, but proud my last exhibition was Under a Dismal Boston Skyline which was an exhibit about Boston Art 1970’s-Present that historicized me and other artists of my generation in relation to The Boston School. Luisa Fuentes Guaza and Kency Cornejo, both leading art historians of contemporary art in Central America have written about my work. I’m a classically trained pianist/horn player who went to Berklee College of Music and dropped out to instead sing in goth-noise bands instead. I’ve live/d many lives. I’d love to get to know your creative work. 

I hate talking about myself, so here is the form to start the process to book a Celestial Studio Visit with me. Please copy and paste this short intake questionnaire below into the body of an email, fill it out and send it my way at cielosueloastrology@gmail.com.

1)What is your name and what are your pronouns?

2) What sort of artistic practice will you be sharing with me? film, audio, visual art or creative writing? I love hybrids, so in that case just name what you’d like to bring in and we’ll talk. Typically for written work, I’ll look at 5-10 pages of something. A loose limit of Video/Audio that is a half hour, and a PDF of 10 pages max of visual art. Let’s talk though. 

3)Describe your current relationship with astrology. From being totally new to the language of astrology to knowing a bit about signs or houses or aspects? to enrolled student/professional level? etc Have you had a reading before? If so, name the astrologer(s).

4)What's happening? Is there anything in particular that makes you want to seek out a session? What are some specific topics/areas in your life that you would want to discuss? the more specific the better. Tell me where you feel you are currently creatively. 

5)Do you have an accurate birth time? The closer we can get to the half-hour the better. Write out the Month/Day/Year (I.E march, 14th, 1994) along with the location where you were born City/Province/State, Country and the time of birth with AM or PM indicated.

6)What is the source of your birth time? e.g. birth certificate, hospital record, diary entry, memory recall, stories from childhood, etc.

7)How did you hear about me?

8) I prefer Venmo and Cashapp, but also will take Paypal. Which of these would you be using for payment?  

9) I’ve finally gotten an email list together. I send an email out perhaps once every 6 months with just updates, raffles, and announcements.Can I add your email to such list?

All sessions happen over zoom and so you will recieve a recording of our time together for you to keep. I want to mention I work with WHOLE SIGN system of House Division and that I primarily use Medieval/Hellenistic astrological techniques. The softwares I use are Solar Fire and Starlight. Also if you need a payment plan, please email me and I’m sure we can work something out.

For all readings, there is a 24-hour cancellation policy after initial booking. NO refunds may be granted after that period.
no-shows are non-refundable due to the preparation and calculations involved.

Rescheduling is fine as long as you give atleast 24 hours notice. In very extreme cases then maybe a few hours notice. Rescheduling will depend on my calendar and the nearest available slots I have open. This could mean you might have to wait a month or two since I am very busy.